What People Are Saying

The legendary Wayne Charvel says:

If you’re serious about learning the guitar, then Michael Fletcher’s series of books, Ultra Guitar Method, are a must for your collection. I think that they are the best educational guitar method books that money can buy.

Thanks for everything Michael”.

~Wayne Charvel is one of the most innovative and legendary guitar designers and builders in modern times. Formerly of CHARVEL GUITARS, FENDER/CHARVEL GUITARS, and currently WRC GUITARS, Wayne Charvel has produced and manufactured guitars for the most celebrated guitar players of our time. His contribution to the music industry is as profound as music itself. We will be forever thankful to Wayne for his contribution.


Tony Chin (Guitarist: Big Mountain) says:

Michael Fletcher is a wicked guitar player.”  “He is a very baaaaaaaaddd man.

Tony Chin is the lead guitarist for Big Mountain, one of the foremost Reggae bands in the world today. Their remake of Peter Frampton’s 1976 release of “Baby I Love Your Way” propelled Big Mountain to platinum status. Check your local ticket outlets for a concert near you.

James DePrato says:


I would like to tell you about the best guitar course in the universe. I am not even through it but I already feel sorry for any musician, advanced or beginner, who has not found Ultra Guitar Method.

I have a better variety of chords and scales. I can change keys anywhere on the guitar fingerboard and can improvise with no problem.

I now know the guitar fingerboard upside down, inside out and backwards. I can’t wait to finish the course.

To a great guitar player, teacher and friend; Michael, you’re a genius.

James DePrato was literally discovered on the infamous Mark & Bryan show (95.5 KLOS, Los Angeles) radio show. His blazing picking speed baffled the top players in the world (all of this at only 13 years old). He was quickly named “The Phenom” by the music industry due to his phenomenal guitar playing ability. Now at 30, James has shared the stage with Artists such as Phil Lesh, Bonnie Raitt, Ike Willis, Narada, Terry Haggerty, Bernie Worrell, Michael Walden and many others. James has also recorded with Warren Haynes, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Mike Kineally (Frank Zappa), and Troy Lucketta (Tesla) just to name a few. In addition James performed on Marc Bonilla’s album American Matador (Warner/Reprise Records.) We all love you James, keep on Rockin’.

Additional Student Endorsements:

The following testimonials are those of individuals who have studied Ultra Guitar Method™. It is very important to remember that the method is sequential. In other words, everyone (regardless of experience) should start with volume one, then move to volume two, and on to volume three and so on. When these instructions are followed, the results will most likely be as follows: 

I would like to tell you about a guitar course that stands above all others. It is called “Ultra Guitar Method™.”


I have been playing guitar for approximately fifteen years. The problem was that I was playing the same chords and songs over and over again. I would throw in a couple of new songs per year, if they were easy enough.
After I started studying Ultra Guitar Method™, I was AMAZED!

After the first two months I was playing twice as good as before. I could create my own style of playing. My picking ability was at least five times greater than before, and my chord library was far greater than imaginable. Shortly thereafter, I was no longer afraid when other guitar players took out their guitars and started jamming.

Since studying Ultra Guitar Method™ I have never been out-played by anyone in my own circle of friends and musicians. This course is definitely the TOP GUN school for guitar players.

James D. McGinnis

I am a self taught musician and have been playing the guitar for about five years. I have virtually locked myself in my room for five years trying to play and learn the guitar. I tried everything in my quest for knowledge i.e., tapes, videos and even other musicians. I found no answers to my questions.

Needless to say, I became very unhappy and self conscious about my musical abilities.

I came across Michael’s guitar course (Ultra Guitar Method™) while reading a popular musician’s consumer magazine and decided to give it a try. I am glad to say that in the short time that I’ve been studying this course, I’ve learned more in a just a few short weeks than I could have ever learned in the past five years!


Already I can play any chord rooted from the sixth, fifth, fourth and third strings of the guitar in every key signature. Further, I can competently play every single note of every scale which relate to those key signatures everywhere on the guitar fingerboard. I have also learned picking and fingering techniques as applied to both left and right hands. I have obtained the mechanics, knowledge of theory, and the overall education needed to become a very fluent and formidable guitarist in the years to come.

The course is very demanding. It takes time and patience, but is the only way to ensure that you won’t be left out in the dark as a guitar player.

I have only scratched the surface of Ultra Guitar Method™ with the things that I have mentioned here. However, if you would like to learn more about this amazing guitar method (much, much more) take the course and let Ultra Guitar Method™ show you that you can be the guitarist you’ve always wanted to be…a great one!

John E. Tous III


Let me just say this. What would you think if I told you that within a few short weeks of studying Ultra Guitar Method™, that you’d be able to formally change keys One Hundred and Fifty Four times going up and down the guitar fingerboard? What would you think if I told you that you’d also be able to jam through approximately Three Thousand Forty Two Chords in the same amount of time with complete recognition and understanding of all related theory? I could go on and on and on about this amazing guitar course.

The truth is that most guitar players seem to be more interested in attempting to dazzle people by running arpeggios over and over again. I know this to be true because I was one of them. That is, until I found Ultra Guitar Method™. Thank you Michael!

Once I started to study this incredible guitar method, I gathered up all of those fancy and expensive guitar videos I’d been playing around with and literally threw them away! In an instant I realized that what I had been missing was a REAL education.

I can’t imagine life, as a guitarist, without having this course under my belt. No wonder those in the industry call it the “educational method.” I am astounded at how this method teaches such a complete and unique approach to theory and guitar improvisation in such a short amount of time. It defies logic!

As a result of studying this method, I have become a musical leader and problem solver. It seems like everyone comes to me for answers whether they pertain to creativity, arranging, producing, recording, performing or just questions regarding music in general. This is so much more than a guitar method; it’s a way of life!

Barry Claybourne


I was casually looking for guitar lessons when I came across Ultra Guitar Method™. Having a very strong musical background (including three years of piano lessons, college level music theory and fourteen years of serious trumpet lessons), I was looking for something more than “what song would you like to learn” types of guitar lessons. That was when I found Ultra Guitar Method™.

I actually spoke with Michael on the telephone and he told me that his method would teach me how to play every note on every string in every key at any time. I remember him explaining how limitless the method was and that I would also be able to play any chord in any key (and much more). Actually, I was a little skeptical of all these claims, but I thought if I were to learn only half of what Michael said, I would be better off than with the other types of lessons and methods that I had previously been involved in.

When I began to study this method I was thoroughly SURPRISED. From day one, I learned techniques that the professionals use. It was not an easy road though, for it took many diligent hours of practice. But much to my amazement, all of the claims that Michael made were true. The fingerboard opened into a systematic pattern of notes falling neatly under my fingers. Chords that I had never learned before were now a part of my ability. This method has opened a whole new world of guitar playing to me.

I would recommend Ultra Guitar Method™ to anyone who is willing to work hard and who wants to be more than just another guitar player. This course is not for someone who wants to just fool around with their instrument. If you’re serious about music, then Ultra Guitar Method™ is for you.

After completing this course, there will be no more need for other lessons. What you learn will provide you with a lifetime of information to apply on the guitar. Just continue to practice and be willing to explore the underlying messages in the method and growth from this course will never cease. The best investment a guitar player will ever make is the Ultra Guitar Method™.

Happy Jamming…
Rick Deyarmond,


I am convinced that Ultra Guitar Method is, by far, the best way to “learn” guitar. By studying this course and putting in some honest effort (because you’ll never get anything for nothing) you, the student, will walk away from the course with physical dexterity and a deadly knowledge of practical music theory and application that will prove invaluable.

What you learn (physical and mental) will place you light years ahead of your competition.

I had absolutely no musical talent when I first started playing guitar and after five years of “music store lessons” I wasn’t much farther along. Since I began studying Ultra Guitar Method™ however, my physical dexterity, speed, and moreover, my mental dexterity has increased unbelievably. The bottom line is that if I can learn to become a really good guitarist, ANYONE can!!!

Robert “K.R.” Schmid

Commercial Endorsements:

Jonah’s Guitar Shoppe & Rehearsal Studios
Stanton, California

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to share with you my experience with “Ultra Guitar Method”. I own Jonah’s Guitar Shoppe and Rehearsal Studios which is located in Orange County, California. My customers range from known bands and artists to beginning musicians. I have sold “Ultra Guitar Method” to both and the reaction is GREAT!

The experienced musicians love the way it very simply teaches the relationship between notes and chord patterns. The beginning musicians love it because it is so easy for them to follow and understand.

I sell hundreds of dollars worth of instruction books per month, written by some of the best players in the world and I know for a fact that “Ultra Guitar Method™” far surpasses any of them.

Paul Henry

Sheet Music Shoppe
Santa Ana, California

To Whom It May Concern:

The “Ultra Guitar Method™” by Michael Fletcher has proven to be one of the best-selling and most profitable instructional series that we have ever carried. We can’t keep enough in stock to satisfy the continuous demand. Return sales are steady, as the subsequent books maintain a high level of interest with our customers.

From a customer service standpoint, “Ultra Guitar Method™” occupies a unique niche in our store because of its highly developed and original approach to guitar instruction. It truly has no peers. Musicians from all backgrounds and stylistic interests have found the material to be refreshing and innovative. It is immediately applicable to one’s playing style and level of expertise. “Ultra Guitar Method” is also an extremely well-structured backdrop for fingerboard theory instruction.

“Ultra Guitar Method™” satisfies everyone’s needs across-the-board. We cannot recommend “Ultra Guitar Method™” enough. It is a wonderful product and piece of work.

Mort Weiss

From The Publisher:

Michael Fletcher is a world class guitarist and has been deemed as the guitar instructor to the stars. Many of his students are top national players and have achieved platinum status.

This remarkable guitarist, author and composer has consulted with and/or performed with or opened for such legendary artists as Fifth Dimension, Rare Earth, Big Mountain, Three Dog Night, The Four Seasons, David Gates and Bread, Mountain, and Richie Havens to name a few.

Michael’s hard hitting and melodic solos have left audiences stunned and pleading for more. His down to earth philosophy and manner leaves everyone refreshed and motivated. His method of guitar (Ultra Guitar Method™) leaves his students and readers educated.

The entire series of Ultra Guitar Method™ books is truly the work of a genius. Each volume contains a wealth of information which is presented in an easy, step by step, format.

These books are designed to teach and believe us…they do! Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional player, Ultra Guitar Method™ will greatly enhance your playing ability and drastically sharpen your approach to any type of musical situation.

If you’re truly ready to learn, then Ultra Guitar Method™ is definitely for you. We would all like to thank Michael for the education. Each and every one of us will be forever grateful.

Loren Simkins
Director of Operations/Publishing& Distribution/Attorney at law (Ret.)
East Coast Region/Ultra Guitar Publications™