Volume Two – Progressions


Volume Two – Progressions will turn your head around and around. Volume two is an exercise in strength, knowledge and control with regard to soloing over various chord progressions in all key signatures. It also entails the essential elements that will allow the reader to play rhythm behind someone else’s solo (perhaps your own, or a sax player, or keyboard player, etc.).

As you know, a progression simply means the movement from one chord to another chord. This sounds simple enough, right? Well, perhaps not. One must be able to identify diatonic and chromatic chords in order truly become a well rounded player.

There are specific chords that belong to specific key signatures. Further, those chords could appear as extended chords. What then? Volume two solves these problems and more.

By studying volume two (Progressions), the reader will be able to play fluently through chord and key changes that baffle a vast majority of musicians. Further, the reader will begin to hear and identify what really belongs together in a piece of music.

The reader will learn chord function, chord classification, chord quality, merging scales, matching chords to scales, chart analysis, key changes, chord substitution, and much, much more. From triads to seven part harmony, your guitar will be singing.

Whether you’re on the road, in the recording studio or just in a creative state-of-mind, these principles will greatly enhance your musicianship and knowledge of theory.

Once again, it is strongly recommended that the reader study volume one (UNLOCKING THE FINGERBOARD) before studying volume two. Take your time, do it right! Study and above all practice.

Ultra Guitar Method™
ISBN: 0-943355-01-X

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