Volume One – Unlocking The Fingerboard


Have you ever wondered how professional guitar players are able to utilize the entire guitar fingerboard during their amazing guitar solos and chord progressions? UNLOCKING THE FINGERBOARD (volume one: Ultra Guitar Method™) will enable you to play every note, on every string, in every key signature, on the entire guitar fingerboard. This book is jam-packed with diatonic scales, unique fingerings, and scale formulas designed to greatly enhance your playing facility.

Have you often been confused regarding key signatures? You’re not alone. There are thousands and thousands of musicians who have no idea when, what, where, or why to change key signatures. As a guitarist, you cannot afford to have this giant gap in your understanding of music theory and its application to the guitar.

UNLOCKING THE FINGERBOARD will deliver the education needed in order to gain an amazing understanding of melodic structure (scale usage) along with a very unique and powerful understanding of key signatures and key changes. That’s right! It’s all about education.

In today’s musical environment there is no room (or excuse) for one’s lack of education. Over the past few years audiences have become more demanding. They expect much more from musicians today than in years past. Therefore, one must develop mechanical skills along with an in-depth understanding of music theory in order to truly advance.

What makes a great solo great? Finger strength, endurance, knowledge of key signatures, knowledge of melodic and harmonic structure (Ultra Guitar Method™ volume two: PROGRESSIONS), creativity, picking technique(s), right and left hand control, wrist control, finger placement, thumb control, are all essential factors along with everything else described in UNLOCKING THE FINGERBOARD. It’s your first step to becoming an extraordinarily well-rounded guitarist and musician.

Ultra Guitar Method™
ISBN: 0-943355-00-1

Prerequisite: 1-3 years playing experience. NOTE: Ultra Guitar Method™  is not recommended for the absolute beginner.

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