Volume Four – Arpeggios


Volume four (ARPEGGIOS) is a fascinating approach to 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd string arpeggios and their connections (entire guitar fingerboard), as related to all subject matter taught in Ultra Guitar Method™, volumes one, two and three. The subject matter contained in volume four relates to and is applicable to all key signatures thus far studied in Ultra Guitar Method™.

Once again, it is not suggested that the reader attempt to study out of sequence. Why? We really want you to succeed. Remember, Ultra Guitar Method™ has a definite beginning, middle and ending. It is a complete educational guitar method. There are references that lead the reader to previous volumes (pre-planned concepts) for application of new principles. Further, there are mechanical exercises in each volume which prepare the reader for subsequent volumes. Strength and endurance is very, very important. Start with volume one and progress naturally.

The information contained in volumes one, two and three is essential in your understanding of volume four, ARPEGGIOS.

Volume four reveals and teaches fingerings and application for diatonic 7th arpeggios along with their related connections. Further, there is a day-by-day exercise schedule that will help the reader develop his/her arpeggio skills to performance level.

Volume four also contains progressions that will help to hone your arpeggio skills. All of the information contained in volumes one, two, three, and four are designed to give the reader both knowledge of essential music theory and the mechanical skills necessary to tackle volume five (MINOR KEY SIGNATURES).

Believe us when we tell you (worth repeating), you’ll need everything (knowledge of theory, mechanics, strength and endurance) which is taught in all previous volumes of Ultra Guitar Method™ (methodically, volume-by-volume), before approaching volume five (MINOR KEY SIGNATURES).

Ultra Guitar Method™
Volume Four: ARPEGGIOS
ISBN: 0-943355-03-6


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